Debbie Taylor

My name is Debbie Taylor, I am 48 years old. I have been doing Pilates with Janice for 12 years.
3 years ago due to a back injury I was unable to walk without a stick, my leg was turned inwards, I had a dreadful limp and it was anything but sexy! I also had an aggressive malignant melanoma on my bikini line.

So I decided to remove the melanoma and have my back op at the same time. Post op I was told my spine was a mess but they had done what they could to fix the nerves to my left leg and they told that had my melanoma been left much longer it would have killed me so all in all I was a very happy girl.

After 8 weeks recovery I called Jan and told her I wanted to come back to Pilates.

I have been doing palates for 22 years and thought I would be able to just slot back into classes – not so.

I found that with being cut along my bikini line I could no longer activate my lower tummy and with the trauma to my lower spine the muscles in my lower back and buttock were locked. I still could not feel my leg, my foot was still turned inwards and would not flex. I still needed a stick to walk. I was grumpy and in a lot of pain.

So began my road to recovery – it was slow, it was frustrating, it was painful and it was humbling and a couple times along the way I did not listen to Jan and pushed my body too far too soon and landed going backwards and having to start again.

It was her quiet, firm yet gentle non-judgemental approach to each exercise, regardless of my attitude that got me to the end of each the session. She never gave up on me.

I wanted to charge ahead, get back to everyday living and do exactly what I had always been able to do but slowly, with patience she guided me not only in understanding my new body, its limitations and how to get the most out of it but in learning to accept it without bitterness.

If it was not for Jan’s expertise in knowing how to assist my body and mind in its healing I would not be pain free, walking without a limp and back in a normal Pilates class. Happy Days!

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